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Name Brand

Name Brand (2018) aims to examine the differences between how the photographer wants the images to look and how the subject expects them to look. When sought out, these differences reveal the subject in a vulnerable state surrounded by insecurities regarding their self-image. 

My work is an exploration of my identity and how I display myself to the rest of the world. As a woman, I feel that my very existence is objectified whenever someone takes a photo of me. Capturing moments of vulnerability in other women helps me cope with similar experiences and worries of my own. Whenever I view an image of myself, I analyze it to the full extent before deciding if it is up to my standards. In Name Brand, I change that habit into examining the models differently and look at them as what they are-objects in a work of art.

NB 2018 Wesley 2.jpg
NB 2018 Ana.jpg
NB 2018 Carley.jpg
NB 2018 Wesley.jpg
NB 2018 Caroline.jpg
NB 2018 Carley 3.jpg
NB 2018 Carley 2.jpg
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