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Making a portrait is something I try and put a lot of care into. Until I developed a research-based artistic practice, I had never realized that my love for photographing people goes beyond enjoying the time I spend with the subject. The different approaches I take allow me to convey the concepts I want and the feelings I have, while still sharing empowering experiences with people as a result. 

Monitor (2021-2022) is a research-based senior thesis project examining visual notions of gender in an increasingly online world. 

Untitled Men (2020-2021) project aims to challenge the role of the female body in mainstream media and art history by employing traditional techniques of the male gaze to photograph men.  

Agency Studies (2019) is a film photography project examining power dynamics  and how to give the subject as much agency as possible throughout the photographic process. 

Prey (2019) is a photo book depicting a sensation of feeling watched that women often experience due to societal expectations or past experiences. 

Fine Art Series

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