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A photo book depicting a sensation of feeling watched in public or even private that women often experience due to societal expectations or past experiences. In Prey (2019) I use portraits, text, and still lifes in harsh concrete spaces to capture the phenomena of feeling surveilled.
Prey 2019 Girls.jpg
Prey 2019 Marisa.jpg
Prey 2019 Mirror 2.jpg
Prey 2019 Tyra 2.jpg
Prey 2019 still life 3.jpg

Part of my process for creating this photo book was to talk to over 30 of my women-identifying peers about my project and asked them if they ever feel watched. Most of them had the same realization that I did: they are not alone in feeling this way. I recorded their responses and included some of their words alongside the images in the book. 

Prey 2019 carley.jpg
Prey 2019 Marisa 2.jpg
Prey 2019 Still life.jpg
Prey 2019 Ava.jpg
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